Mason Crosby Invitation

Dear Mason,

Welcome to Middle Tennessee. I’m confident I speak for other Packers fans when I say, we are glad to have you as a neighbor.

When you move someplace new, it can take some time to learn about everything your new home has to offer. That’s why I’m reaching out to let you know about the Nashville Packer Backers Club. We are a group of 100-200 Packers fans that meet for EVERY game inside the Franklin Family Entertainment Center at 1200 Lakeview Drive in Franklin.

We recreate a Lambeau Field experience in a family-friendly atmosphere with music, cheers, raffles, push-ups after every Packers score, and prizes for kids. We try to make it more fun when the Pack wins and less painful when they lose. You can learn more on our website.  

Over the years former Packers players and dignitaries have joined us for games. We have hosted Craig Hentrich (punter and Super Bowl XXXI champion), Chris Jackie (placekicker, Super Bowl XXXI champion and Packers Hall of Fame member), Barry Stokes (offense of lineman), Dave Hathcock (defensive back and Super Bowl I champion), John Lombardi (Vince Lombardi’s grandson), and former Wisconsin governor Scott Walker.

We would be honored if you joined us too. You and your family are welcome anytime, of course, but I would like to extend a special invitation for you to join us for our tailgate party on Sunday October 22 prior to the Denver Broncos game. We cordon off the parking lot, enjoy a buffet meal, throw the football, and play cornhole from 1:30-3:30 before going inside to watch the game.

If you joined us, we would love to have you do what other players have done: sign some autographs, take some pictures, and participate in a Q&A during the tailgate before coming inside to watch the game with us.

I’m happy to answer any questions you may have or coordinate the details of your visit. You can reach me via email at Or call me/text me on my mobile at 615–812–3821.

We print a new club T-shirt every year. I’ll have a copy of this year’s shirt for you if you can join us for the tailgate. I hope you consider our offer.

Once again, welcome and, as we say around here, Go Pack Go y’all!


Greg Stielstra

The Big Cheese

Nashville Packer Backers