2020 Season Rules

I’m thrilled to say the Nashville Packer Backers will continue its record of meeting for every Packers game, despite the challenges the pandemic has thrown at us. However, because of COVID-19, we must change the way we meet to ensure the health and safety of our beloved members and guests. Here’s what you need to know.

Ordinarily, we welcome everyone and fit as many fans as possible into our room to enjoy the game. Unfortunately, this year we must limit room capacity to 80. This restriction means there are three ways you can enjoy the game with us.

  1. Season Tickets Sold Out– If you buy a season ticket you will get a reserved seat for every Packers game through the Super Bowl. If you buy your seat before September 14, you will also get one of our 2020 t-shirts. The Go Pack Go COVID design let’s people know you braved the pandemic to back the Pack. To purchase season tickets, click this link, select your seats from the map of the room and pay online. You’ll receive your tickets electronically. Bring them to the club and exchange them for a laminated pass with your name and seat number on it. During the season if you can’t make it to a game and want to share the club experience with a friend, just lend them your pass. Just make sure they’ll give it back. 🙂  
  2. Overflow Seating – We have opened overflow seating in the room across the hall from the main club. It features comfortable seating, tables and two large screens with the game. Food and drinks are available from the cafe. There is no charge to sit in overflow seating.
  3. Watch from a Bowling Lane – If the club is full, you still have a way to watch the game. You can reserve a bowling lane and ask a Franklin Family Entertainment Center staff person to put the game on the screens at your lane. You can eat, drink, bowl and watch the Pack!

Mask? No Mask?

The club will comply with all mandates from Williamson County and the State of Tennessee. At the time of this writing, masks are not required. However, we recommend wearing one at the club when you’re not eating or drinking as a show of respect to your fellow Packers fans.